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Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

I originally began this series back before the TV version of the show released, but got busy and forgot all about it.  Sometime last year I watched the show up to the current season and I absolutely fell in-love with it -- so I pursued to read the books.  It follows the story line by line without missing any main details.  The book itself is completely fascinating and gives one the chance to get lost in a world so unlike our own.  A place where kings and queens still exist and fight over who will rule the realm, who will protect the people, and who will wear the crown.  "All men must die", a quote the truly represents the events that begin to behold about halfway through the first book.  George R. R. Martin is an utter genius.  His way of words and care to the most simple of details does not go unnoticed.  I've enjoyed the first book thoroughly and cannot wait to continue on with the others.  One of my favorite but unforgettable parts was when King Robert Baratheon died, and the events that lead after.